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Mangroves of the Western Indian Ocean

The WIO mangroves cover about 1 million ha, which is just about 5% of the global mangrove coverage. Almost 90% of these mangroves are found in four countries, namely Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania and Kenya; with the most expansive mangrove forests in these countries occurring in deltas and estuaries. This book is an outlook of the mangrove forests in each of the WIO countries.

The book analyses distribution of the mangroves, their conditions, utilization patterns, threats and current management intervention to safeguard this critical ecosystem.

Although the book is written with a WIO regional focus, the rich information presented herein will also be useful to mangrove enthusiasts outside the region.

Read more here: https://www.wiomsa.org/publications/mangroves-of-the-western-indian-ocean-status-and-management/